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Working in Sales: New to Sales

Working in sales can be fun, rewarding, but also very daunting. Many people whom work in sales actually ‘fall into’ sales. It is very rare that people wake up one day and decide they want to work in sales. Sales is not quite like teaching, or being a commercial pilot. But, it goes without saying, the world would not function without sales people. If you look around you right now, everything in your office, everything in your house, and even everything in your street outside was sold at some point – hence why salespeople should be regarded as essential workers

I would assume you are quite new to sales if you have come across this article. If this is the case; welcome to the team – and well done. You have an exciting, bright yet challenging future ahead.

There is no job like sales. You get to build relationships, (potentially) see the world, and you also get to develop skills that can last a life time. In this article, I want to share with you some things which you should consider if you are new to sales. These are some of the things I wish I knew when I first started out in sales, and should help you to develop your career.

Working sales doesn’t, quite, make you rich…

People become sales people because they chase the rich life, and they chase money. Which is fine, and understandable. Some of the best sales people in the world do go on to earn really high pay, and are considered quite lucrative jobs.

However, if you become a sales person to just chase money, and to just get rich, you are destined to fail.

See, the best sales people (and the ones that do go on to earn lucratively) are those that set out to develop relationships and those that go out there to help people. If you prioritise these things, the money comes naturally.


If you are new to sales, you must be prepared to learn your trade. No different to any other skill or trade, it can be quite easy to pick up the basics and to run with them. But if you do this, you are going to put your career in the hands of luck.

Be prepared to read sales books. To attend seminars. To listen to podcasts. And to even watch webinars. The more you learn, the more you can earn…

Surround yourself with pros

Luke Skywalker wouldn’t have been an incredible Jedi without the help of Obi-Wan and Yoda. David Beckham wouldn’t have been one of the world’s best footballers without the support and help of Sir Alex Ferguson and his coaching team.

Behind every great, or successful, individual lies a support network of people all of whom have offered help, support, coaching or mentoring. Be sure to surround yourself with incredible people whom you can learn from, who can pass on their skills, and who are ready to teach you everything they know.

Get ready for hard work…

Being a sales person really does take hard work. It isn’t just fancy dinners, fast cars, and entertaining clients. It’s long-hours, weekend work, working outside of work hours. It’s constant rejection, constant chasing, and can really take a strain on your physical and mental health. You have to be prepared to put the work in so you can get your rewards.

One of the reasons I formed C3 Sales & Consulting was to help people to sell more, and to ensure business’ sales process are in the best possible shape. If you, or your business, need any help with your sales, then be sure to get in touch.

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