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C3 Sales & Consulting

We are a sales and marketing consultancy based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK, who help businesses overcome sales challenges. Established in 2018, we specialise in sales, marketing, and business development.

At C3 Sales & Consulting, we believe in a hands-on problem-solving approach. Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and develop custom solutions that drive results. Whether you need help with lead generation, account management, or anything in between, we’re here to help.
Hi, I'm Mark, Founder and Managing Director of C3 Sales & Consulting. I founded C3 Sales in 2018 following a distinguished career in the energy, engineering and manufacturing sectors, where I’ve held several senior sales and proposal positions.
Mark Willett

Our Mission

We strive to be the trusted partner for companies seeking growth, delivering results through our expertise, commitment, and innovative sales and marketing strategies. Our goal is to help businesses achieve their full potential and reach their desired targets.

Why Choose

We love helping businesses grow and succeed. Whether you’re a CEO, MD, Sales Director, Sales Manager, or Business Owner we understand your challenges in reaching your potential.

Do your sales team need help to hit their numbers or do you have ambitious expansion plans that require a robust sales strategy to get you to the next level? We know it can be hard to see the solution when things aren’t going smoothly, but that’s where we come in.

We are experts in creating effective sales strategies, building strong customer relationships, and putting the customer first. We believe that selling is about more than just closing deals. It’s about creating a client-focused approach from start to finish, with good communication playing a pivotal role.

One of the best things about working with us is our flexibility. We can give you more support when needed and scale back when things slow down. Our reputation for delivering results means you’ll see a return on your investment quickly, with increased sales, reduced costs, and improved standing in your industry.

Let’s talk about the problems you are facing or help you plan for a winning sales approach for the year. Call us at 01625 380820 for a friendly chat and to start your journey to success.

Our Core Values

We believe in honesty, working together, and always going the extra mile for our clients. These values guide everything we do, from our day-to-day tasks to building long-term partnerships.


We're transparent in everything we do and always open and honest with our clients.


We work with our clients to achieve mutual success, building relationships based on respect and collaboration.


Good communication and keeping our promises are critical to any strong relationship. We always go above and beyond to support our clients.

Continuous Improvement

We're never satisfied with the status quo and constantly seek ways to improve and become more responsive to our client's needs.

Our FAQs

We collaborate with CEOs, Managing Directors, Sales Directors, Sales Managers, and Business Owners to increase sales revenue through cross-selling, up-selling, and value selling. We support them with lead generation, deal-closing, or the full sales cycle that includes cold-calling, appointment setting, and handling negotiations.

We've worked with various products and services, from technical sales to professional services. We adapt our expertise to fit each client's needs.

We've worked with businesses of all types and sizes across multiple industries. We tailor our services to each client.

We've sold to businesses and customers through B2B and B2C sales.
We excel at creating effective sales strategies, building client relationships, and putting the customer first. Good sales is about more than just closing a deal; it's about a customer-focused approach from start to finish, including lead generation and communication.

Our flexibility is a significant advantage. You can get more support only when it’s needed. Our track record of keeping promises means you’ll see a return on investment quickly through increased sales, lower costs, and improved competitiveness.

Meet Our Team

At C3 Sales, our team brings a wealth of experience to the table with over 35 years in the industry.

Mark Willett

Founder and Managing Director
I started C3 Sales in 2018 after a successful career in the energy, engineering, and manufacturing sectors. I've held several leadership roles in sales and proposals and have a track record of growing revenue and profits for clients.

I am experienced in all sales aspects and comfortable negotiating technical and commercial terms. I have professional qualifications, including being a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. I also hold an MBA from the Open University Business School.

If you need help with technical sales, get in touch. My team and I are here to support you in growing your business.

tel. 01625 380820
email. mark@c3sales.co.uk


Kate Willett

PA and Office Manager
I joined C3 Sales in 2018 with over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and PA roles across various industries, including sports and leisure, engineering, IT, and the legal profession.

I have an HND in Business, Finance, and Human Resources Management and a Post Graduate Diploma from the Institute of Personnel and Development. I strive to provide a professional and trustworthy relationship, ensuring that all aspects of our work together runs smoothly.

tel. 01625 380820
email. kate@c3sales.co.uk

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