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What are simple sales strategies for cold calling?

Look, we get it; cold calling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It can be a bit like marmite thinking about it. Some people do love to pick up the phone, and others absolutely despise it.

No matter your viewpoint on cold calling, one thing is for sure; it works. In a busy and noisy world which is full of sales emails, social media messages, voice notes etc, the humble telephone still cuts its way to forefront.

When we talk about cold calling, we are talking about reaching out to leads or prospects that have had no prior contact or interaction with you; and this is normally where people feel a bit daunted and nervous.

Fundamentally, whether you do find cold calling daunting, or whether you like the challenge, it does work, and it will help you to sell more, and in this short article, we would like to put together all of our years of experiences in cold-calling and share with you our top tips to help you to make your next cold call the most successful yet.

The Basics: Get the right equipment

You don’t want to be the bad workman that blames his tools. Equip yourself with the right tools to get on that phone. Try in invest in a stand-up desk if you can, or get yourself a super comfy chair – whatever works best for you.

Don’t skimp out on a good quality headset either. Something that will free up your hands to take notes (or orders) and will not get uncomfortable after a couple hours of calling!

Tonality Counts

“It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it.”

According to, tone can determine how successful your cold call will be at a staggering rate of 93%.

Your prospect doesn’t want to speak with someone that sounds bored, tired or unenthusiastic. You want to find the nice balance between authoritative, calm, polite and caring.

Scripts Aren’t Just For Actors

Although we don’t really condone having a script that should be followed word for word, but having a rough flow as to how you want to shape the conversation will help you to keep the call on track, and will help you to get closer to that sale.

The Voicemail is Your Friend

Never be afraid to leave a voicemail. Sure, it can seem like a nice chance to escape the conversation, but leaving a voicemail will not only help your prospect to understand who called them (for the next time you call), but will also act as a vital touch point throughout your sales process.

Life Isn’t The Wolf of Wall Street

Yeah, all of us sales people have seen THAT film, right? Just remember, the chances of anyone buying on the first call are very slim indeed. Instead, you should treat each call as a small step towards the next phase of the sales process; whether that be a presentation, a quote, or a formal meeting. Don’t try to close the sale too soon, and don’t feel rejected if the prospect is not ready to buy the first time they talk to you.

Keep Going

There’s no denying it; cold calling can be tough, it can be draining, and it can be hard-work. But, it can also be very rewarding. So ensure you keep going, and make sure you keep working hard to hit the targets you set out for yourself.

With years of experience, the C3 Sales and Consulting team are experts in cold-calling. If you, or your team need any form of support with cold calling, be sure to contact us, and learn how we can step in to support you.

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