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How to Find New Business

Whether you are reading this article as a business owner, or as a sales professional; you are reading this because you need to find new business.

We have to face facts, you could have the best business in the world, producing the best products, and delivering the best service on the market, but if you aren’t selling, you don’t have a business.

Which is why it is so important to constantly find new customers to buy from you so that you can not just survive, but so you can also thrive.

As a leading sales consulting business in the UK, we have years of experience in finding new business and increase revenue for a whole host of businesses spread across an array of sectors, and in this article we want to share with you our top five ways to and new business and to increase your customer base.


Whether you like it or hate it, networking events can be a fantastic source of finding your next customer. Especially if you are operating in the B2B sector.

Sure, networking takes time. It is very rare that you could walk into just one networking event and make a sale there and then. It takes time to develop relationships, to nurture connections and to find ways to utilise these relationships. As long as you are patient, the network you develop will soon deliver.

The apple tree in the orchard didn’t start life as a tree; it started life as a seed. The more seeds you plant, the more trees you can grow, and the more apples you can harvest.


When was the last time you asked your customers for a referral?

If it was a while ago, or never, add it to your sales process right away!

If you did a wonderful job for your customer, saved them money, solved their problems, and delivered a good service, then why would they not want you to do the same for their connections?

Sometimes, a question similar to this can go a long way: “Hey Mr/Mrs Smith, now we have delivered the promised work and helped you with XYZ, is there anyone else in your network that could benefit from my services? I would love to help them too! Could you put us in touch?”

Become the Expert

People love to buy from credible people; it is all about a sense of trust that is developed when we are dealing with an expert. No matter your sector, business size or age, look to become an expert in that field. Write articles, speak at events, and share your expertise. Not only will doing so make fantastic marketing material, but will also develop strong relationships with these networks and will also help you to attract a new audience of potential customers.

Prospect Online

So much prospecting can be completed online these days. Gone are the days of sales people driving up and down the country with paper maps, a briefcase full of samples, and evenings spent in run-down hotels.

The likes of websites and social media makes it so much easier for sales people to find their next customers.

Whether you are a business owner or sales professional, t is so important for you to have your very own personal brand that allows prospects to get to know you away from the brand, away from the business, and will allow you to find your next customer with ease.


One of the most overlooked ways to get more business is through partnerships with businesses that offer similar services, or ones that compliment your own. For example, a security company whom deliver alarm response services might want to partner with an alarm fitting company, or a personal trainer might find business from a local nutritionist etc.

Of course, partnerships only truly work when there is a solid relationship in place, and where business can be sent back and forth so that it becomes wonderfully mutual.

If you are reading this article looking for more business, and struggling to increase your sales, the team here at C3 Sales and Consulting are here for you; with years of experience in sales and business development, we are here to help YOU increase your sales.

Get in touch with our team today for a consultation.

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